Here at Glitch Gifts and Novelties World Headquarters we are more than just a gift shop, we scour the four corners of the globe to bring you premium variety of gifts from the most fun, ridiculous, absurd, and sometimes downright dumb.  We carry anything from unicorn hand puppets by Archie McPhee, to Luchadore masks, stylish socks by Sock It Too Me, to Eazy E and Tupac Air Fresheners.

We are locally owned and operated and aim to be a shopping experience like none other in Saskatoon, or Saskatchewan for that matter.  Most of our products are unavailable elsewhere in the province.  While we do carry a variety of edgier products, our goal is to keep things light, fun, and appealing and suitable for all ages.  So bring the kids, bring your mom, maybe just don't let them read the greeting cards.   If you can't find something for them here, they probably don't deserve a gift.

Cool Gifts

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